Gate Access Hours
5am - Midnight
7 Days A Week

8534 W. Central Ave
Sylvania, Ohio 43560
419.841.7298 • 419.843.3816 (fax)



Our facility is clean, safe and secure! Your items are secure in out state-of-the-art commercial storage facility. Our Sylvania Township location has a very low crime rate. The Sylvania Township police department has a reputation for their quick response times.

Central Storage Depot has several unique security features:

• Our entire property is surrounded with a 6’ high fence topped with barbed wire.

• Access is gained by using an individually assigned security code.

• All driveways are well lit.

• Security cameras record activity at the main gate and main driveway.

• Motion sensitive alarms in the main drives are monitored by Asset Protection Services.

• All doors have special locks within the door replacing traditional padlocks. These locks utilize a key that cannot be duplication. The locks are far more safer than any padlock.

• Each door is individually alarmed. When you enter the gate using your personalized code, the alarm for your unit is disabled.



Unlike many other storage facilities in the area, all of our driveways at Central Storage Depot are paved. The paved driveways offer several advantages to our customers. Primarily it keeps the dust down on the property as well as inside our units. It is also much easier to keep the driveways plowed during the winter months.

Paved lots tend to stay dryer whereas lots with gravel or stone tend to become wet and soggy when the snow melts in the spring.



We make storing your business records easy and convenient!

Central Storage Depot provides units fully equipped with shelving for the commercial storage of business records. If you pay for a year up front, the professionals at Central Storage Depot will pick up the business records, free of charge. It doesn’t matter if your have a dozen boxes or hundreds of boxes for commercial storage, we can pick them up and store them for you.

The storage units equipped with shelving rent for an additional $10 – $50 per month depending on the size of the unit.


We offer a variety of sizes to meet every commercial storage need!